Welcome to our site and we are glad to announce that you have come to the right place when you are searching for a reliable partner to team up with and expand your business overseas. Euronnect is a brand new company founded in 2015 as a new venture next to our existing affiliate businesses we have been running for several years.

Are you starting or running a new business and ready to conquer the European Market, but struggling with the import rules, language barrier, administrative paperwork, insufficient time to sell your product and lack of know-how? We as Euronnect are here to step in, solve these problems and fill the void that holds back the expansion of your product. At this moment we only have room for a few products so contact us as soon as possible and we can work out the partnership!

Max Broens

Being a pro-active business partner, we will help you expand your business and sales in the European Union. Creating product-awareness is one of our skills.

Nico de Vries

After being successful in the affiliate industry for six years, it’s time for a new challenge and expanding our business with Euronnect. I’m looking forward to become your business partner and work together and win together!

Next-Gen Partnership

Expanding your business has never been easier. With the knowledge we have gathered over the last six years as being an active affiliate for different industries, you have found your right partner just here. Teaming up with us will boost your new name in the industry.

Commission Based Venture

Times are changing, people are changing. The way business is handled is changing as well. Cross-selling, affiliating, this is our domain and we work on a commission based partnership, so you don’t have to invest anything.

Marketing Promotion Distribution

Our core-business; marketing-promotion-distribution, these three hard obstacles that every thriving business experiences when breaching through their boundaries. Growing rapidly and want to expand your business, then partner-up with us!
Every successful domestic business has their limits and obstacles will occur when they have decided to expand and enlarge their numbers outside of their country. Should we setup a new company, where do we find people, how do we promote and market our product without even speaking the language? This is where Euronnect steps in.
We can cover these obstacles as we have been very professionally being affiliating online products for over six years and now expanding our business as well. On short notice we are able to take care of any offline and online promotion and marketing that is needed to sell your product. We speak the language,
we know the channels and we can boost your numbers greatly.
Our mission is to provide you a full-service operation for implementing the product you have launched into the European Market. We will take care of advertising online through SEO and SEA and offline through printed medias as we have a broad selection of promotional methods prepared.
We believe that every business should be done together and create win-win situations. The old fashioned systems for affiliate may work, but mostly are capped on creativity and budget. Working conventional will lead to results for parties, but will take away the pleasure and therefore the motivation to keep on going. Winning together is the new strategy we are very comfortable and successful with.
“Promises are made to be broken”; well that’s not what we believe in. Long-term relationships & partnerships with a crystal clear explanation of how we can help each other will be the key for every business and the foundation of every successful project. We believe in networking, partnerships and giving 100% maximal effort for each project and product we have chosen to work with to create new successes in the European Union.
To guarantee our results we don’t just work with every partner that knocks on our door. We have to believe in your product in order to partner-up, without faith in your product from our side we cannot help you out unfortunately. When you have a product that has gotten our interest and we see opportunities to implement it successfully into the European Market, be ready to be contacted because we can be just as enthusiastic and passionate as you are!

How this partnership will support your business, broken down in just a few steps

  • We will setup your international product to be sold within the European Union
  • Arranging local resellers and open up a new network of affiliates
  • Promoting your product by mobilizing different groups that represent your product
  • Provide a life-time support function for the European markets
  • Expand the sell-rate on a commission-based partnership
  • If we don’t sell, you don’t pay